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Our children are being robbed of their natural innocence by the curriculum and policies being practiced in classrooms across the state.

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It is All Our Responsibility to

Protect Our Kids


Protect Kids Colorado is a broad coalition of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens coming together to protect kids and strengthen families in Colorado. We are advocating for policies that promote children’s well-being and support the responsibility of loving parents. Our initiatives were designed for the safety of children and to ensure parents are a fundamental part of their child’s development.

Our First Initiative:

Parental Rights

Our First Initiative:

Parental Rights

We are pursuing authorization to circulate a constitutional initiative as well as a statutory initiative pertaining to Parental Rights.  These will protect the fundamental rights of parents which have been long recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Many government-employed actors and agencies today believe they have the right to override the views of parents on what is best for their child and highly encourage children to lie to their parents. From schools to hospitals to child welfare investigators, “experts” think they know what’s best for your child.



to Protect our Kids!

We are pursuing authorization to circulate an initiative that requires that only students who are born female are allowed to participate in any athletics program designed for females.

Everyone knows it is unfair and irresponsible to have males compete or participate in in any athletics program designed for females.

Our Second Initiative:

Protecting Girl’s Sports for Female Athletes

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