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#142 – Parental Notification of Gender Incongruence
#160 – Keep Boys out of Girls Sports

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to Protect our Kids!

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Our Mission

Protect Kids Colorado is a broad coalition of parents, grandparents and concerned citizens coming together to protect kids and strengthen families in Colorado. We are advocating for policies that promote children’s well-being and support the responsibility of loving parents. Our initiatives were designed for the safety of children and to ensure parents are a fundamental part of their child’s development.

Our First Initiative

Parental Rights

We have received authorization to circulate a statutory initiative that will require public schools to tell parents if their child is experiencing “gender incongruence.” This will prevent the policy of far too many public schools that today refuse to share this vital information with the parents and sometimes even deceive the parents by using different names and pronouns for the student at school that what they use when discussing the student with the parents.

Our First Initiative



to Protect our Kids!

Our Second Initiative

Protecting Girl’s Sports for Female Athletes

We have received authorization to circulate an initiative that prevents biological boys from participating in girl’s sports in public schools.
It is unfair and irresponsible to have males compete or participate in any athletics program designed for females.

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